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If you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense in New York, then you may greatly benefit from the representation of our firm. At The Law Offices of Elliot S. Kay, we are dedicated to serving the residents of the Bronx who have been charged with criminal offenses, and our primary goal is to build an effective defense of our clients' cases.

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Facing a criminal charge, arrest, or potential conviction can be a life-changing experience for many people. No matter what your case involves, it will be important to speak immediately with an aggressive Bronx criminal defense lawyer today. We proudly defend the rights of clients throughout the Bronx and fight tenaciously to protect their liberties and freedoms.

Why Clients Choose The Law Offices of Elliot S. Kay:

  • Proven Record of Results: Attorney Kay has successfully represented thousands of NY clients and has secured numerous NOT GUILTY verdicts, dismissals, acquittals, and reductions.
  • Free Initial Consultations: You can get started on your case today, completely free-of-charge. Your consultation is always one-on-one and confidential.
  • Aggressive Defense Strategies: We believe that your rights and interests are our number one priority. We utilize our resources and experience to give you the upper-hand.

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Types of Criminal Cases We Successfully Handled

Your situation is important to us, and a Bronx criminal defense attorney from our firm can provide you with the representation you need for any of the following case types:

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)
The legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limit in the state of New York is 0.08%. If you are stopped by a police officer and your BAC is found to be at or above this legal limit, then you will be arrested and charged with this crime. Seek representation immediately as the penalties you face for conviction could be severe.

Drug Crimes
Possession, cultivation, distribution, and other actions involving controlled substances can result in arrest and charges of drug crimes. If convicted of a drug crime, you could face extremely serious and life-altering penalties.

Sex Crimes
Sex crimes may include a variety of different actions, from sexual assault and rape to indecent exposure and possession of child pornography. One common penalty associated with a conviction of this type of crime is mandatory sex offender registration.

Theft Crimes
There are many different types of theft crimes, ranging from petty theft such as shoplifting to violent offenses such as robbery. If you are arrested and charged with a type of theft, then it is important to understand the potential implications and consequences of a conviction.

Violent Crimes
A crime that involves physical violence or threat of violence can be charged as a violent crime. Crimes such as assault, crimes involving weapons, and many others forms of criminal activity can result in multiple charges and penalties such as time in prison.

White Collar Crimes
Non-violent and financially motivated crimes are often committed by high-salaried professionals for the purpose of financial gain or detriment to another. They are commonly referred to as white collar crimes. These crimes may involve a variety of criminal actions, including fraud, embezzlement, and money laundering.

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If you have been accused of a criminal offense, then you need to seek out skillful representation and begin building a defense of your case immediately. Whatever the circumstances surrounding your case are, it is vital that you have legal assistance on your side that can work with you to fight the accusations and pursue a favorable outcome.

We offer a free case evaluation so that you may obtain some legal advice and information regarding your situation from a Bronx criminal defense lawyer before making any financial commitment to our firm. Contact a Bronx criminal lawyer from our office today to discuss the situation that you face and to begin preparing your defense.

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