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Charged with Murder in the Bronx?

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In New York, murder is distinguished by two degrees. First-degree murder describes the act of one individual killing another individual without rightful justification for the intent. The crime can also be classified as first-degree murder if the individual acted with intent to perform severe bodily harm and understood that the act will or may result in that individual's death. If the offender caused death to a third person during this act, it will also be considered murder in the first degree. This criminal act is charged under New York Penal Code §125.27, which states the reasons for murder being charged in the first degree. Murder in the second degree is distinguished as murder that was provoked and committed under extreme emotional passion. If the person murdered was not a peace officer or police officer, then it is often described as second-degree murder.

Defense Against Murder Charges

The state of New York no longer punishes people with the death penalty. The state's last execution took place in 1963. If you or a loved one was charged with murder, however, you can still be facing severe penalties for the offense if you are convicted. With a Bronx criminal defense lawyer from our team on your side, you can benefit from our experience in representing those who have struggled through charges for any type of murder.

You have legal rights that are at risk when you are suspected of a violent crime. It is essential to retain the legal services of a strong and aggressive attorney from our firm. Our team at The Law Offices of Elliot S. Kay has the experience and knowledge to help you present a strong defense. If you are faced with charges of murder or manslaughter, help can be found from a hard-hitting lawyer at our firm. Contact a Bronx murder defense attorney from our firm to have your freedom and constitutional rights protected.

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