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The laws in New York and the U.S. were developed to ensure the safety of everyone in this country. Many statutes are concerned with crimes that involve conduct that could cause serious harm to others, and the individuals accused may be engaging in dangerous behavior. As such, those entrusted to uphold the laws – police officers and other government agents – may, depending on the circumstances, use some form of force to take the person into custody. Unfortunately, officers might engage in conduct that goes beyond what is considered necessary for the specific situation and commit excessive physical acts against individuals – what is known as police brutality.

If you were subject to undue force by a police officer, know that you may have the right to pursue legal action against them and seek to recover compensation for damages you incurred. At The Law Offices of Elliot S. Kay, we will take the time to listen to your side of the story and help you understand what your options are. Our attorney has extensive experience protecting the rights of those subjected to police misconduct, and we are ready to leverage our knowledge, skills, and legal acumen to fight toward a favorable outcome in your case.

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What Is Police Brutality?

As mentioned earlier, police brutality occurs when an officer uses excessive or unnecessary force against another individual.

Various actions could be considered police brutality, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Attacking an individual with a baton
  • Shooting nerve gas into a crowd
  • Sexual or verbally abusing a person
  • Making a false arrest
  • Engaging in racial profiling
  • Improperly using stun guns
  • Using excessive force

Ready to Stand Up for You

If a police officer overstepped the bounds of their authority and subjected you to brutality, our attorney at The Law Offices of Elliot S. Kay is prepared to fight for justice on your behalf. We are committed to protecting the rights of those unduly harmed and will put together a compelling legal strategy for you.

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