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The crime of robbery involves taking an item from a person's possession or their immediate presence through the use of force or threats of violence. This is a serious crime, as it can sometimes involve deadly weapons (in which case the charge is escalated to aggravated robbery).

Our primary concern in any criminal case is to build a strong and effective defense of our client's case. We employ various methods to accomplish this goal, and you can rest assured that we are committed to pursuing a just and fair outcome for you.

If you have been arrested for and charged with robbery, then you need skilled representation on your side as soon as possible. You could face severe penalties upon conviction. Our Bronx criminal defense attorney at The Law Offices of Elliot S. Kay can work with you to build a strong defense on your behalf.

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How Does New York Define Robbery?

As mentioned earlier, robbery involves committing a theft crime with the use or threatened use of force.

According to New York law, for an act to be considered robbery, the use of force must have been to:

  • Keep someone from resisting the stealing of their property, or
  • Make the individual give up their property to the alleged robber

Robbery is a different crime from burglary in that the former involves taking someone else’s property by force, and the latter is committed when a person enters a building or home to commit a crime.

New York's Three Degrees of Robbery

In New York, robbery is always charged as a felony, which is the designation for what are considered the most serious crimes. The class of felony you could be charged with depends on the specifics of your situation.

The following are New York’s three degrees of robbery and the potential penalties for each:

  • Robbery in the third degree is a Class D non-violent felony that can carry a maximum prison sentence of seven years.
  • Second-degree robbery is a Class C violent felony and can carry up to 15 years in prison upon conviction.
  • If you are charged with first-degree robbery, you could face up to 25 years in prison for a conviction.

At The Law Offices of Elliot S. Kay, we have years of experience in defending the criminally accused, and we can put this to work for you as we investigate your case and present your defense.

What Defenses May Be Available?

Although you may be facing charges for robbery, that does not mean you’re guilty of the offense. You are considered innocent unless determined otherwise, and the criminal justice system affords you the opportunity to challenge the accusations made against you and mount defenses for your case.

Depending on the circumstances, the following defenses may be raised in a robbery case:

  • Involuntary intoxication
  • Duress
  • Actual owner of the property in question
  • Entrapment

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