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Facing Charges for Manslaughter in New York?

Manslaughter is a type of homicide, which means that some action led to the death of another individual. In New York, this crime is harshly prosecuted. A conviction can lead to many years behind bars. These cases are very complex and must be handled by an aggressive and knowledgeable attorney. If you were arrested for any type of manslaughter, it's essential to retain strong legal representation as soon as possible.

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New York Manslaughter Laws

Often, the words "homicide," "manslaughter," and "murder" are used together, and sometimes even in place of one another. However, they are separate. Homicide is considered an umbrella term for the killing of another person. Within homicide are offenses such as murder and manslaughter. Murder is a different offense than manslaughter in that it involves premeditation and malicious intent.

There are various types of conduct that can be categorized as manslaughter and vehicular manslaughter. New York law has different statutes for behaviors that constitute these offenses.

Second-Degree Manslaughter New York

This offense is committed when a person acts in a way that shows disregard for human life and causes someone's death. A person could also be charged under this law if they help another individual commit suicide. This offense is a class C felony.

Aggravated Second-Degree Manslaughter

If a person's reckless actions result in the death of a police officer performing their official duties, they could be charged with this offense. Aggravated second-degree manslaughter is a class C felony.

First-Degree Manslaughter New York

A person could commit this offense in two separate ways. First, they could be charged if they intended to seriously injure someone and caused their death. Second, if they intended to kill someone and their actions led to that result. This offense is separate from murder in that, even though there was intent to cause death, the person's actions were the result of “extreme emotional disturbance” as opposed to premeditation. This is a class B felony.

Aggravated First-Degree Manslaughter

A person's actions may be considered a violation of this law if they intended to cause serious physical injury to a police officer and the officer was killed as a result, or they intended to cause the officer's death and actually achieved that outcome. Again, this offense is separate from murder because the person was acting under “extreme emotional disturbance.”

What is the Sentence for Manslaughter?

As mentioned before, the punishments for manslaughter are severe. The specific penalties you could face depend on the facts of your case and the offense with which you were charged.

The following prison sentences could be imposed for a manslaughter conviction:

  • Class D felony: up to 7 years
  • Class C felony: up to 15 years
  • Class B felony: up to 25 years

In addition to incarceration, a judge may also impose heavy fines.

Get a Strong Advocate in Your Corner

A manslaughter conviction can forever change your life. If you've been charged, you need a knowledgeable and aggressive Bronx criminal defense attorney on your side. At The Law Offices of Elliot S. Kay, our lawyer has extensive experience providing results-oriented legal representation for challenging cases. We will work hard toward a favorable outcome in your case.

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