Freedom At Last

David Ranta spent more than two decades in prison for a murder he did not commit. With the help of a Bronx criminal defense attorney, Mr. Ranta was finally freed from prison.

Mr. Ranta's arrest and prosecution in Brooklyn, New York was littered with police misconduct that undoubtedly contributed to his wrongful conviction.

The actions of the police in Mr. Ranta's case are nothing short of outrageous. For example, during the murder investigation, evidence shows that a detective allowed two criminals to leave jail, smoke crack and spend time with prostitutes, as long as the men agreed to incriminate Mr. Ranta. Equally disturbing is evidence that one detective instructed a crucial witness to select Mr. Ranta from a lineup.

Fortunately, Mr. Ranta received some measure of justice this week when a Court vacated his conviction and he finally tasted freedom. With his head held high, Mr. Ranta walked out of Court a free man.

In all criminal cases, it is imperative that police and prosecutors strictly follow the law and provide each and every defendant with a fair trial. At the Law Offices of Elliot S. Kay, our Bronx criminal defense attorneys go to extreme lengths to investigate the charges, the conduct of the police officers involved, and the evidence that allegedly substantiates the charges.

With offices located in Bronx County and Manhattan, our criminal defense attorneys fight to protect the rights of our clients. Our Bronx criminal defense lawyers fight each case in an effort to prevent the very type of injustice suffered by Mr. Ranta and other wrongfully accused.

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