A Love Struck Juror

A mistrial occurs in the Bronx after juror Katheryne Diop, 21 falls for the convicted murderer in the court case. The Bronx District Attorney's Office is currently undergoing investigation to try and identify if she managed to offset the verdict. The accused murderer, Devon Thomas, 28, was charged for shooting and killing Abdul Toure, 24. This horrific event occurred in 2008 on Halloween night with rumors stating that it may have been a gang related incident.

After Thomas was convicted and put on trial, Diop began to grow fond of him. Sources say that she even tried to convince the other jurors to set him free because she believed he was innocent. With hopes that they would start a relationship after he got out, she now visits him in jail consecutively more than his own family.

Diop's involvement created a mistrial in which they had to restart the entire process. During the second trial, Thomas was found guilty of first-degree manslaughter and possession of a handgun. He was given a sentence of 25 years of jail time. Thomas' mother exclaims that Diop's involvement threw off the first trial which led to a devastating retrial.

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